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News / hinsightd v0.9.15

posted 27 Jun 2022

Version 0.9.15 released

  • major speed ups due to sending fewer tcp packets
  • fixed pipe code queuing infinite buffers
  • fixed fcgi not uploading sequentially and bugs resulting from that
  • fixed rproxy not cleaning the client between requests
  • fixed rproxy not keeping the chunked flag
  • fixed HEAD requests for static files, rproxy
  • fixed not properly exiting if listen sockets are waiting for the socket to become not busy
  • fixed debug mask parsing
  • fixed http headers are now case insensitive
  • added automated tests and benchmarks
  • added an example program
  • debug log is now cleaned between restarts
  • config no longer serves php files as static files if php is not enabled, returns a 403 response
posted 27 Jun 2022 by tiotags
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