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hinsightd v0.9.20

posted 04 Dec 2023

Version 0.9.20 released

Backported various fixes and improvements from the active branch v0.10

  • added TCP CORK flag to large files, greatly improving performance for most files
  • fixed performance degradation for files larger than http headers sent (most files)
  • fixed bug that made compressed requests (and possibly others) respond with an incomplete request
posted 04 Dec 2023 by tiotags

hinsightd v0.9.19

posted 11 Sep 2023

Version 0.9.19 released

  • added an experimental DOS protection API
  • added compatibility with unity builds (merge all files before compilation)
  • API changes: server now serves from the docroot by default, before if no output method was selected then the server responded with a 500 error, now it tries to serve from the docroot
  • API changes: separated the start filter into a prefile filter (before a default file is served) and a process filter (after the default file is chosen)
  • API changes: filter numbers are exported to lua as constants, the old system was unsustainable
  • API changes vfs removed vfs as a parameter, it's not needed anymore, nodes have a builtin vfs
  • API renamed httpd callbacks, start_callback -> begin_callback, and added new finish_output callback
  • API renamed hin_cache_item_t to hin_file_t
  • API moved httpd_client_finish_output to
  • API changes: cache is disabled by default and has to be loaded separately
  • fix http client/rproxy not downloading the whole file
  • fix old cgi compilation issues
  • fix errors in queuing uring events
  • fix double free when freeing a ssl buffer
  • fix compilation without lua
  • fix not cleanly exiting the server when keepalive connections are still present
  • added a few new functions to lua so you can get the path and query string faster
posted 11 Sep 2023 by tiotags

hinsightd v0.9.18

posted 13 Dec 2022

Version 0.9.18 released

  • simplified the pipe API a bit, pipe->left replaced with pipe->sz
  • added more mime types to the default config
  • added compiler flags for 64bit offsets on 32bit
  • fixed single range requests
  • fixed rproxy backend not responding with a 502 if server is down
  • fixed query string parsing bug from v0.9.15
posted 13 Dec 2022 by tiotags

hinsightd v0.9.17

posted 17 Nov 2022

Version 0.9.17 released

  • major speedups
  • added a backup epoll backend, in cases where your kernel doesn't support io uring
  • fixed some crashing conditions regarding overload
  • fixed logging
posted 17 Nov 2022 by tiotags

hinsightd v0.9.16

posted 02 Nov 2022

Version 0.9.16 released

  • major speedups due to optimization of string parsing and caching of path parsing
  • moved the http code into a separate library
  • now you can set vhosts per socket
  • fixes to tests
  • fixes to the download program
  • simplified restart code
  • various fixes
  • various critical fixes
  • added a simple overload protection so the server doesn't crash if too many people try to connect to it
  • now you can use both cmake and meson as a build system
  • forbidden some more file types from being served raw: php, rb, py, cgi
posted 02 Nov 2022 by tiotags

hinsightd v0.9.15

posted 27 Jun 2022

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posted 27 Jun 2022 by tiotags

hinsightd v0.9.14

posted 23 May 2022

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posted 23 May 2022 by tiotags
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