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posted 02 Feb 2022

"The best way to become better at something is to fail at it 10000 times" - some smart man probably.

I've been bothered by my procrastination to write even basic things like text messages for a long time. I hate to admit it but sometimes I lose hours composing even emails. Yes I'm that bad at writing.

I need help, and the most reliable help you can possibly get is yourself. Yes you heard it right I want to get better at it. And to implement what I already said is a good plan (read fist paragraph) I decided I'm going to write here. Expect lots of weird information about writing linux servers and other similar projects.

Also if anybody has any cheatsheet or 10 quick tips article to master writing fast I'm very interested because the prospect of writing lots (and failing) isn't very appealing to me.

posted 02 Feb 2022 by tiotags
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