Run under docker or similar

At the time of writing of this guide we don't provide out of the box docker images so you have to make your own. It's of a moderate difficulty but in the end it makes it easier to learn how to customize the final image. So in my opinion it is a net possitive when it comes to total effort invested.

make your own docker image

Start the docker daemon.

Create a directory for the container project.

mkdir nice_project
cd nice_project

Write some magic to the Dockerfile.

nano Dockerfile

FROM alpine:edge

RUN apk update && apk upgrade
RUN apk add hinsightd


ADD workdir /app/workdir
ADD htdocs /app/htdocs

CMD ["hinsightd"]

Now you need to copy the webroot folder (htdocs) and a config folder (workdir) to the same directory as where you made the Dockerfile (or you can mount them from the command line to /app/workdir and /app/htdocs but this is not shown here).

Finally build and run the container.

sudo docker build -t nice_project .
sudo docker run --publish --rm -it nice_project

This creates and runs a docker image that listens to local port 8080 and serves from the htdocs folder provided.